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Code Connection

Code connection is the coding competition where the participants will need to code for the interesting real life problems.
Code Connection is a two person team event, in which one can show their talent using C programming language. Code Connection looks for the real star team that stands up to the ability of ACCURACY, SPEED & LOGIC. Come take part in the Code Connection by showcasing coding skills in different rounds. You will get various challenges like:
(1) Can you construct the program of given output as a team?
(2) Can you construct the program of given output by shuffling the team member? For example, the first member has to code for the first half of the given time and for the remaining time the second member has to code.
(3) Can you reconstruct the code snippets to make a working program that produces the given output individually or by shuffling team members?
(4) Can you construct the program of given problem definition by shuffling the team member?

Rules & Regulations:
(1) A group of two will form the participating team for the event.
(2) Participants will be given a blank A4 size paper for doing rough work.
(3) No external electronic data may be accessed at any time. This includes phones, USB drives, the internet, etc.
(4) The contest will consist of two rounds having a variety of problems.
(5) The permissible programming language is C only.
(6) All solutions will be submitted electronically. Solutions will be tested by the judges and feedback will be sent accordingly.
(7) Any unauthorized behavior will result in automatic disqualification. This includes but is not limited to: looking at other's work/solutions, using disallowed external resources, or attempting to hack the contest environment.
(8) Judges' decisions are final and will not be challenged in any case.

Evaluation Criteria:
Round 1: The maximum marks that can be availed by a group is 20 based on correct output with appropriate coding method.
Round-2: The maximum marks that can be availed by a group is 30 for a single problem (out of two) for different test cases.

Date & Time: 14th October, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Venue: NB-GF-005, New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Ravi Raval
Prof. Pruthvish Rajput
Prof. Mrugank Dave

Student Coordinator:
Keyur Raval - 94086 13035

Abhi Solanki - 72020 96724
Jay Khatri - 70465 66942

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Crypt Your Mind

Students will start one offline game. Those who complete the game first will unlock the second round first. In round-2, Students need to solve Scrambled words. Round-3 is the elimination round.

Round 1 (head start): Basic game like google chrome offline game
Round 2: Cheats of a single phase will be given to the students and they have to arrange those words and make a sentence. Words will be jumbled.
Round 3: Buzzer round (Elimination round).

Date & Time: 15th October, 9.30 AM 2.00 PM

Venue: Classroom No: NBFF-108 , NBFF-109 and Lab-106 New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Yogesh J. Prajapati
Prof. Nilesh A. Parmar
Prof. Nishi Patwa

Student Coordinators:
Tirth Patel - 8780848604

Nishant Darji - 94273 24002
Deep Patel - 94091 09915

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What is Ideathon?
It is a short, intensive, workshop-like experience for students. Participants work in teams and use design thinking and innovative learning practices to ideate and collaborate on possible solutions.
This idea/solution based competition is divided into two parts :

(1) All the participants will be requested to submit a pitch deck in the given event format. This round will mentored and the teams will be informed about the necessary modifications that are to be made.(Online)
(2) In the 2nd part the teams will present their final presentation/pitch deck in front of the panel that would include industry experts.

Team size: 5 members (max)

Focused topics:
Internet of things (IoT)
Cyber security
General (Any)
Automobile (Electric Vehicles etc.)

Rules & Regulations:
Pitch deck that will be submitted in the 1st round should be adhering to the provided format.
For the 2nd round :
(1) Presentation time should not exceed 5 mins.
(2) Every member in the team is advised to be prepared for questions/answers from the panel.
Outfit : Formal (Indian/Western)
Every team should carry at least one laptop of their own.

Evaluation Criteria:
As per the judgements and suggestions of the Panel members the winner will be chosen. The winners will get prizes and the 1st prize winner will get 15 min. 1 on 1 interaction time with our panel members for mentorship.

Date & Time: 15th October, 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Venue: Incubation Center - 5G Lab, New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Bhumika Rathod - 91067 76024
Mr. Viki Patel - 97249 50271

Student Coordinator:
Khushi Mehta - 73597 69974

Swapnil Zalavadia - 88498 30785
Jevin Kardani - 9737 286356

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Paper Presentation

The paper presentation aims at giving a platform to young engineers to fuel their brains to ideate ideas that never existed. The event intends to encourage inventions, innovation, and research to promote their application for development in the computer and IT sectors of Engineering. Participants of this event are expected to prepare a paper about a real-life project topic or area and present it in front of experts.

Rules & Regulations:
(1) Each team consists of at most 2 members only.
(2) Duration for the paper presentation is a maximum of 15 minutes.
(3) Use only Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
(4) The paper should be in IEEE format.
(5) Hard copies of the paper are to be submitted before presentation to the expert.
(6) Any student from any college and from any branch is allowed to participate.
(7) Theme of the paper: only computer and IT technical domains allow.
(8) Spot Entries are not accepted.

Evaluation Criteria:
The selection committee will select the papers for presentation and inform you two days before the event.

Date & Time: 14th October, 11:30AM to 2:00 PM

Venue: Classroom No: NBGF-002 & 003, New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Menka Patel
Prof. Zarana Patel

Student Coordinator:
Saumil Patel - 94264 02472

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Poster Presentation

Participants are free to choose and select any technical topic of their interest. Give first priority to the latest technologies. The size of the posters should be A1 sized (841*594 mm) sheet.

Rules & Regulations:
(1) Poster Size must be A1 size (841*594 mm) (33.1 x 23.4 in). You can use Paper or chart papers or any other materials as per requirements. You can print-out pictures but content should be written manually.
(2) Poster should be written in English and well Formatted.
(3) Maximum 2 Participants in each Team. (One Participant can also take part)
(4) Both participants must be registered for event.
(5) Each team will have to make only one poster.
(6) Poster should not be copied as it is from external sources.
(7) Topic to be present should be technical and related to engineering studies.
(8) Text font should be easy to read. (Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman etc.)
(9) Name of participant(s) should be written right bottom corner in Times New Roman font.
(10) Any commercial/financial help (for poster making) will not provide by college.
(11) Content is important, but keep is concise.
(12) Poster evaluation is based on judge' opinion

Evaluation Criteria:
(1) Clear Introduction, abstract and content
(2) Clear background study/Literature Review/Methodology/Proposed Work/Results/Discussion
(3) Consistent Formatting with the help of graphic/illustrations (Layout)
(4) Ability to explain the content and answer the given questions.
(5) Ability to speak clearly and convince visitors/judges is a plus point

Date & Time: 15th October, 11.00 AM 3.00 PM

Venue : Classroom No: Seminar Hall, New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Ritesh Upadhyay
Prof. Rani Singh
Prof. Ompraksh Pal

Student Coordinator:
Reena Bhadani - 73599 56912

Student Volunteers:
Preeti Sharma - 72278 66909
Mahommad Arif - 93131 67030

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Project Presentation

The project work constitutes a major component in most of the professional programmers. In this event the project should be related to the field of Computer science / Information Technology. Participants of this event are expected to demonstrate some real life projects. These projects may be carried out in some industry, research and development laboratories, educational institutions or software companies by the participant. It is suggested that the project is to be chosen which should have some direct relevance in day-to-day activities. Participants have to show the actual working of their project.

Rules & Regulations:
(1) Each team/member will be given 15 minutes to demonstrate their project work (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for question and answer).
(2) Maximum 3 students per team/group are allowed.
(3) Any student from any college and from any branch is allowed to participate but the project should be oriented to computer technology or it may be using some sort of computer programming.
(4) Resources are to be managed by the team.
(5) Testing of the project will not be permitted on the day of the event.
(6) Event coordinators will not be responsible for any kind of failure.
(7) The decision of the judges would be final and binding.

Evaluation Criteria:
(1) Presentation, skills and strategies.
(2) Question answer round.
(3) Depth knowledge of the Project/topic
(4) Content and selection of projects/topics
(5) Marks will be given based on project complexity and team members.
(6) Acceptability
(7) Feasibility

Date & Time: 15th October, 09.30 AM 2.30 PM

Venue: NBFF Lab-103 & 104, New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Rachana Modi
Prof. Satish Maurya
Prof. Dhiren Prajapati

Student Coordinator:
Ayushi Gorai - 81417 84691

Vishnu Tak - 63781 33765

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The goal of the event is to present participants with different kinds of questions to test their awareness of the world and intellect. The theme of the quiz revolves around current affairs and general knowledge.

Rules & Regulations:
(1) The participants have to bring their college ID.
(2) Team members can be from any stream or domain but all members should be from the same college.
(3) Spot Entries are not accepted.
(4) A team of four will form the participating team for the event.
(5) For the 1st round, each team has its own quota of 4 questions and other questions passed to it from the previous team that did not answer. A team gets 30 seconds to answer the question intended for it, and is awarded 20 points for answering it. If the team, the question intended for, gives a wrong answer, the quiz master will give the correct answer. If the team that the question intended for passes it. The next team/s get 15 seconds to answer it and is awarded 10 points for the right answer. If a team cannot answer a question they can pass it or after 30 seconds it gets automatically passed to the next team.
(6)In the 2nd round, each team will be asked 10 questions one after another. On the immediate completion of a question, each team gets 5 seconds to answer it. If a team is not able to answer a question, they can pass it for the next question. There is no team discussion in this round. 10 points are awarded for the correct answer.
(7) In the 3rd round, 10 questions will be fired at all the teams one after another. The teams can discuss among themselves and then press the buzzer/bell to answer the question first. No discussion is allowed after pressing the buzzer. The team that presses the buzzer/bell first gets a chance to answer it. 10 points for the correct answer and minus 5 points for the wrong answer. If a team doesn’t answer or gives a wrong answer after they press the buzzer they also lose 5 points. If a team presses the buzzer before the question is over they will be asked to answer it without the question being completed. The question has to be answered in 20 seconds. If a question is not answered by the first team who pressed the bell. The team that pressed the bell next gets to answer. If two teams press the buzzer/bell together there will be a pull of cards to decide who gets the chance to answer if. If the first team answers it correctly they get a point. If they give a wrong answer they lose 5 points and the next team that pressed the buzzer gets to answer.
(8) In case of a tie after the 3rd round, the tied teams get into a buzzer/bell round. Rules are similar to buzzer rounds. If a team answers right they get 25 points. If they answer wrong they get minus 25 points.

Evaluation Criteria:
The team having maximum marks after all rounds will win the event.

Date & Time: 14th October, 12.40 pM 3.30 PM

Venue: Classroom No: NBFF-108 , NBFF -109 & Lab-106, New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Bhavisha Suthar
Prof. Pooja Thakkar
Prof. Amit Solanki

Student Coordinator:
Dhyey Patel - 90161 78553

Shivam Patel - 81540 94507
Dhairya Chauhan - 84015 63817

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Sponsored by :


This event exposes your website design skills. Participant must have knowledge about CSS3, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT

Rules & Regulations:
Round 1 (Elimination round): In Round One there will be one quiz which is based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. After the quiz there 15 groups will be shortlisted. (Optional)
Round 2 (Preliminary Round): In Round 2 Participants have to design a web page as a given demo web page in a time period.
1. Make template using HTML and CSS
2. Coding allowed in any editor.
3. Use of Paint would be allowed
Round 3 (Final Round): In Round 3 Shortlisted students have to Design a Web page. Title will be given at that time. (Grading decision will be taken by Expert or Faculty Coordinators)

Evaluation Criteria:
Design and coding skill of student

Date & Time: 15th October, 12.30 pM 3.30 PM

Venue: Lab-004, New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Himanshu Patel
Prof. Chirag Gami
Prof. Rajul Suthar

Student Coordinator:
Kenil Gor - 94266 96588

Malay Thakkar - 83201 35247
Jaydeepsinh devda - 90546 97454

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A costume party with mimicry contests, best-dressed competition, quizzes and photobooth. Theme: Movies (Hollywood,Bollywood,etc.)

Rules & Regulations:
(1) Participants should be dressed according to the theme.
(2) Participants should be dressed according to the theme.
(3) Attendees are expected to act responsibly with their cosplay props

Evaluation Criteria:
Mimicry contest: The participants will be asked to mimic the characters they have dressed up as and the participants will be evaluated on the basis of their performance. Also participants will be evaluated on the basis of the accuracy of their costumes with the character (best dressed).

Date & Time: 14th October, 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Venue: Classroom No: Seminar Hall, New Engineering Building, UVPCE

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Priyanka Patel - 9638974312
Prof. Urmila Patel - 9909911838

Student Coordinator:
Khushi Mehta - 7359 769974
Vidhi Parikh - 7284 842191

Alauki Patel - 95865 02555
Dhruv Somani - 94082 20400

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