Framed Structure


Celebrating Connections


Float the Boat


Youth Ideathon


Drone Workshop & Competition


Framed Structure

Rules & Regulations:
➔ Students have to participate in a group of 5.
➔ Materials will be provided to them. (Wooden strips and steel wires)
➔ A G+2 storey structure has to be prepared by the team with the help of wooden rods and steel winders
Criteria for structure:
➔ Height of the structure : 70cm - 90cm
➔ Cross section of structure in plan : 25cm * 25cm

Method of evaluation:
Structure should withstand torsion or vibration.

Prize money of Rs. 2500/- for Winner
Prize money of Rs. 2000/- for 1st Runner Up
Prize money of Rs. 1500/- for 1st Runner Up

Date & Time:
14th October 2022, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Venue: MB-019-UVPCE

Faculty Coordinator:
Prof. Hitesh Sonarghare
Prof. Paresh Patel

Student Coordinator:
Shivam Panchal - 99093 35786

Student Volunteers:
Tirth Parekh - 83473 86850
Rishabh Jaiswal - 78604 76333

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Celebrating Connections

Connections are structural elements that are used for joining different members of the structural steel framework. The steel structure is the assembly of different members like beams, and columns. These various steel members are interconnected using Rivets, Bolts, and Welding. This is known as a connection.

Connections can be of various types, based on different criteria. Based on the fastening method, the connections are of three types: rivets, Bolts, and Welding. Based on rigidity, the connections are of three types-Rigid, Simple, and Semi-rigid.

Steel's strength and resistance make it an exceptional material in terms of durability and economy. High impact and deformation resistance allow steel to be used in most large constructions as the main element of the supporting structure.

When one hears about steel and connections, the human brain always shows tall structures and bridges. The challenge includes designing the Installation/ Model/Sculpture that must include steel joineries and connection with steel as a primary material. The specified material must be market readily available.

The proposed Installation/Model/Sculpture must not exceed the size limit of 10' x 10'x 10' (LxBxH) or 3000 mm x 3000 mm x 3000 mm (LxBxH) at an actual scale of 1:1.

Please refer to the SOR (Schedule Of Rates) provided in the registered email id.

Rules & Regulations:
➔ This is a student-only competition. No faculty or staff members can participate in this event.
➔ All teams must meet the minimum requirements of submissions.
➔ Any form of Copy or Duplication will lead to disqualification.
➔ A team will be disqualified with immediate effect if found breaking any above-mentioned rules and regulations

Method of evaluation:
➔ Representation of Brief:
The most important quality of a design is the presentation reflecting the intentions behind it. It can present many different things and focus on one or more aspects like Spatial layout, Technical details, Material exploration, Structural Clarity, etc.

➔ Feasibility of Construction:
A beautiful piece is undeniably appealing, but its feasibility is more than just beauty. A feasibility study is an important tool for evaluating a project before starting it. By understanding the feasibility of a project, one can make better decisions about whether to move forward.

➔ Impact:
When Communication and Aesthetics are perfectly combined, they produce an impactful image that is eagerly shared among the design-oriented community. The ingredients of an impactful design include Bold Geometry, Unusual angles, Rich color combination, Sharp contrast, Rhythmic pattern, and strong legibility among others.

Date & Time : 15th October,2022 , 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Venue : FADP-Library-2nd Floor

Faculty Coordinator: AR. TAPAN PATEL - 96621 28811

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Float the Boat

Naiyaa Paar

Participants have to build a Boat by using Paper, Wooden Ice cream stick and Fevicol Only. Material for the same will be provided by us on same day of competition.
Maximum dimension of the Boat:
Length = 20 cm; Width = 14 cm, height = 14 cm
Load will be applied laterally at the centre of the boat. Model which carries maximum load without sinking will be declared as winner.

Rules & Regulations:
(1) Only boat has to be built.
(2) Materials will be provided from the institute on same day of competition. Team can physically alter by cutting, notching, sanding or bending to make proper fitting connection. Materials may not be painted, covered, coated, or soaked in anything except water.
(3) 3 to 5 members are allowed in a team.
(4) Only First 25 teams are allowed to participate on First come first get basis.
(5) Maximum dimension of the Boat: Length = 20 cm; Width = 14 cm, height = 14 cm.
(6) Violation of any rules will be followed by instant disqualification.
(7) Teams must submit their Boats sharply on or before 12:00 noon for inspection. 15 minutes extra shall be provided to modify the boat if it does not meets the given specifications.
(8) Participants must carry their own scissors, scale and other craft related items.

Method of evaluation:
(1) Load will be applied laterally at the centre of the boat.
(2) Model that carries maximum load without sinking will be declared as winner.
(3) The final decision lies in the hands of the judges. The decision of judges cannot be challenged.

Date & Time:
Preparation time: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Inspection Time: 12:00 noon to 12:30 p.m.
Judgement Time: 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m

Venue: MBOO6

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Jagdish Khatik - 90575 99906
Prof. Tushar Shrivastva - 88005 62394

Student Coordinators:
Kunj Patel
Shani Joshi
Rajput Nirali

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Youth Ideathon

Sponsored by :


The objective behind organisation of poster making competition is to bring out the creative expression of students and to gauge their knowledge and awareness of various trends of sustainable development.

Rules & Regulations:
➔ Each group (maximum 2 participants) can post only one Poster that should be printed/drawn from the home.
➔ The poster must be made on the A2 size (16.5 * 23.4 inches) sheet with margins (0.5 inches).
➔ Poster can be made using pencil, crayon, watercolour, oil paint, etc. Photographs, wires, other 3D objects, print-outs is also acceptable. The Topic of poster and theme should be clearly mentioned at the Top Margin of the Poster.
➔ Name, Class, College of the Participants must be written on bottom-left portion of poster . These details should be same as in registration form.

Evaluation Criteria:
➔ Relevance to the theme.
➔ Originality.
➔ Artistic composition.
➔ Creativity.
➔ Message conveyed by the poster.
➔ Effectiveness in communicating the intended message.

Date & Time: 14-10-2022 (1:30 pm to 3:30 pm)

Venue: MB-GF-Foyer/Passage

Faculty Coordinators: Durgesh Kumar Singh - 83206 99640

Student Coordinator:
Himani Patel

Chaudhary Parth
Mavi Yogeshbhai Rameshbhai

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Drone Workshop & Competition

The event is divided into two parts, the first part is for students who want to learn about drones and their applications while the second part is a drone competition in which drone pilots from across the state are invited to participate.

Rules & Regulations:
1. Students who just want to learn about drones and its applications can also participate in this event, attending the drone workshop is not necessary to participate in the drone competition. There is a prize for the students who win the drone competition while certificate will be provided to the students who participate in the workshop.
2. A Team with maximum 4 participants is allowed in drone competition.
3. Readymade and Assembled drones are allowed.

➔ Round 1: Takeoff and Landing of Drone
➔ Round 2: Drop a Payload of 100 gram to specific place
➔ Round 3: Drone Racing on given path

Evaluation Criteria:
➔ Smooth takeoff and Landing
➔ Time Duration
➔ Other relevant skills

Date & Time: 15th October, 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Venue: BSPP Seminar Hall

Faculty Coordinators:
Prof. Ishan Thakkar - 97145 20498
Prof. Devdatt R. Pandya - 99989 78949

Student Coordinators:
Mithil Mayurbhai Panchal - 96385 00144
Viraj Sunil Rajeshirke - 93283 07226
Jash kunalbhai Trivedi - 88497 15716

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